Mixables Mixables

Mixables® | Mix with dry food for great taste!

Mixables is the original wet dog food specifically designed to mix with any dry dog food. All Mixables recipes come in easy-to-use, single-serving pouches. Simply grab a pouch, tear off the top and pour it on your dog’s favorite dry food. Then sit back and watch them enjoy a great tasting meal every day. They’ll Love You For It!

Available in 3 oz pouches for Small to Medium Dogs – 5.3 oz pouches for Medium to Large Dogs

Grandma’s Country Stew™

With tender marinated chunks of beef, delicious egg noodles, farm raised carrots and smoked ham in our hearty pan gravy.

Outback BBQ™

With tender marinated chunks of beef, delicious spiral pasta, farm raised carrots and smoked pork in our hearty pan gravy.

Cape Cod Picnic™

With delectable cuts of turkey, sweet potatoes and garden cut green beans, blended into our special pan gravy.

Colorado Cookout™

With cuts of braised beef, hearty steamed potatoes, country carrots and peas in a rich beef gravy.

Greek Banquet™

With slow cooked lamb, brown rice, garden grown green beans and carrots, served in our chef's special sauce.

Tuscan Grille™

With tender seared chicken, delicious egg noodles, steamed potatoes and green peas in our Italian-style sauce.

Mixables Variety Pack

12 Pouch Variety Pack - Purple

Contains our most popular Beef recipes;
Grandma‚Äôs Country Stew™ and Outback BBQ™
(6 of each)

Mixables Variety Pack Red

12 Pouch Variety Pack - Red

Contains our signature dish Colorado Cookout™ along with Greek Banquet™ (6 of each)

Mixables Variety Pack

12 Pouch Variety Pack - Green

Contains our poultry lovers favorites
Tuscan Grille™ and Cape Cod Picnic™
(6 of each)

Why Mix Dog food?

Mix for taste

Add to your dog's dry food and create a gourmet meal.

Mix for variety

Let your dog enjoy a meal that tastes new every day, without switching their dry food.

Mixing is easy

Simply tear open, pour and serve! No need for can openers, spoons, lids or refrigeration.

Mix on the go

Perfect if your canine companion joins you for activities and adventures, or when life simply has you on the run.

Serve as a treat

Everyone loves treats, reward your furry friend and They'll Love You For It.

Serve as a snack

Just like you, dogs get hungry too. Serve as a delicious light snack without spoiling meals.