A funny scoop on dog DNA testing and its unintended consequences

After our last post talking about dog DNA tests, we thought this might be a funny follow-up!

Apparently, one of the modern tragedies dealt with by home and apartment owners is the number of dog walkers who leave unwanted, smelly and squishy “presents” on the sidewalk or nearby lawns for others to find. The issue is, unless you actually catch someone in the act of letting their dog go to the bathroom, it’s near impossible to find a way to force them to clean up after themselves…until now, that is.

The growing popularity of dog DNA testing has turned out an intriguing way to find out who these poop perpetrators are and bring them to justice! By taking DNA samples of messes left behind in the wake of a walk, local authorities are then able to compare the results with hair and other DNA samples gathered from neighborhood dogs, zeroing in on which ones are most likely to be responsible.

The caught culprits are then subject to the usual city fines for not obeying the law to clean up after their pets, and you can be sure they’re far likelier to keep neighborhood regulations in mind the next time they get Fido’s leash out.


It’s not too hard to be prepared when you go on a walk, so you aren’t one of these people tracked down by the messes your pup leaves behind. Simply ensure you have several plastic bags or your preferred pooper scooper tool right by the door so it’s easy to grab when you head out for your jaunt!

To read the latest on this story and further developments, check out the main link here!

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