A Spotlight on Variety Pet Foods’ Expanding Line of Cat Meals

We’ve talked a little about how Variety Pet Foods is adding to our popular line of dog food treats and meals by bringing cat-lovers into the family! Fortunately, we’ve never been of that line of thinking that dogs or cats are the inherently superior pet. Both are equally capable of loving and being loved in their own unique ways, wouldn’t you agree?

As such, both dogs and cats deserve the best food available—and that food doesn’t have to be expensive either. Variety Pet Foods has done its best to develop amazingly delicious recipes your cats will love while also keeping costs incredibly affordable for you. Right now, our cat food line is broken up into two main varieties:

Homestyle Recipe Cat Cans


Homestyle Cat Cans are a grain-free meal available in everything from Dad’s Seafood Dinner to Savannah Chicken Crockpot to Mom’s Salmon Casserole and beyond! Each can is 3oz and they’re also available in 12-can variety packs so your feline feaster can enjoy their fill of different flavors.

Homestyle Cat Kibble


This dried assortment of cat food was developed specifically to satisfy in the most finicky feline’s palate. Not only does it taste great, but the ingredients are shown to help your cat enjoy better nutrition, higher energy, and an overall healthier life. Want to go a little crazy? Why not pour out a small portion of our cat kibble and top it off with the wet food from the Homestyle Recipe Cat Cans? We can practically guarantee your cat will dive in without delay!

So what do you say, cat-lovers? Are you read to give your feline friends and family members the treat of their nine lives? Have they tried any of these meals already? We’d love to hear their reactions (and yours, of course)!


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