Adopt a Dog…for a Day

Have you been dreaming about adopting a dog, but are in a situation where it just doesn’t feel feasible? You’d love that sense of furry companionship…but perhaps your rental unit doesn’t allow them, or has exorbitant pet fees. Maybe you just moved and are still settling in, or you live with someone who is allergic to dogs or cats. Perhaps you simply travel too much for work to be home and take responsibility for a four-legged friend. Whatever your case, there is an option that can help you get about and with a pup, at least for a day at a time.

In recent years, many animal shelters and foster care programs have begun incorporating “Daily Adoption” programs of varying sorts. Most of those focus primarily on lending out shelter dogs for daily excursions and socializing (though many shelters often bring dogs and cats to elder care homes or hospitals for a bit of soul soothing).

What these programs mean is you can find a shelter dog and have them alongside your side for a day. This means things like taking them for a walk or run, playing in a park, or even going on a hiking excursion. It’s great for the dogs physical and social health, takes some of the responsibility the shelters holds for taking care of them (if temporarily), and also gives you the chance to enjoy a bit of pet playtime.

Even more, most programs outfit dogs with vests that let people know they’re up for adoption. You never know! You might be able to enjoy a day with them on the leash, and then know they’ll soon be going to a forever home with someone you encounter along the way.

Many major cities and tourist destinations have shelters offering these daily adoptions, so even if you’re traveling on business or taking a vacation, you can still often find one in your area. Contact a shelter today and see what you can do to make a lonely dog’s tail wag even harder.

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