Animals that survived against the odds

In late August, an earthquake hit central Italy, killing nearly 250 people in the devastation that followed. Aid and rescue workers went into action, looking for survivors to pull from the rubble. Among those they found was one they didn’t quite expect. Nine days after the quake hit, a golden retriever named Romeo was found in the wreckage of his owners’ home (they also survived), and alerted rescuers by barking.

Now, Romeo is hardly the first dog (or cat for that matter) to survive a big disaster. Let’s get a little list of them, shall we?

There’s the cat, Suika, who belonged to a Japanese family that abandoned their home during a tsunami in 2011. The owners returned home to find their beloved Suika gone…until someone discovered him three years later in a forest 10 miles from his home! He was reunited with his family, and no one can explain how he survived.

In 2013, a tornado hit a suburb of Oklahoma city. Among the destruction, the home of one Barbara Garcia was destroyed, and she was separated from her dog, Bowser, in the chaos. In the aftermath, Barbara was showing her ruined home to a reporting crew when some of the rubble shifted–and Bowser was found remarkably alive!

And before we get too teary-eyed…

During the Fort McMurray wildfire in Canada, a cat named Tux accidentally got left behind during the family’s frenetic evacuation. As firefighters investigated a burned-down home, they found the kitchen stove tipped over on its front within all the charred wreckage. Inside? Was Tux! It was theorized a gas explosion blew out the glass stove front, and Tux hopped in just before another explosion tipped the stove over–protecting him from the external heat. He was treated for minor burns and reunited with his family soon after.

Have you ever had a pet defy the odds and survive an emergency or other disaster situation? Tell us your story!

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