Be sure to celebrate World Spay Day!

2015 marks the 21st official World Spay Day, celebrated on the last Tuesday of every February. Of course, it should be noted that it’s technically World “Spay & Neuter” Day, but the point is the same. It’s critical that pet owners understand the importance of spaying or neutering their pets, primarily because of animal over-population issues across the country and the world. Out-of-control dog and cat populations cause numerous problems, not only with strays going hungry, but also because those animals that end up in shelters are often put down when they can’t find a home (unless it’s a no-kill shelter).


There are many ways you can get involved with World Spay Day. Obviously the first is to get your own pets spayed or neutered if they haven’t been already. Take the lead and be an example for other pet owners.

Beyond that, spreading awareness of World Spay Day and the importance of spaying or neutering pets is another great step. Post about it on Facebook or the social network of your choice. Tell your friends and family about the holiday. You can even see about putting up posters and fliers around town or in your local pet shops.

Get involved in a pet shelter. Shelters are most significantly impact by pet over-population, and many of them offer spaying and neutering services for relatively cheap pricing, if not free altogether. When you adopt a pet, sometimes the spaying or neutering is a mandatory part of the adoption process.

Lastly, you can even hold a special event to celebrate World Spay Day. Have other pet owners over to your house so the pets can socialize or–if you go to a local dog park, pass out brochures or other helpful materials (available on the World Spay Day website) to others who show up to play at the park.

Has your pet been spayed or neutered? Have you taken the time to get involved with World Spay Day and help support this powerful cause?

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