Big Rascal dives into a leaf pile – Does your dog help with chores?

Sometimes you humans do right ol’ funny things. Like rakin’ up leaves. Don’t it make sense that if the leaves are all fallin’ from the trees in Autumn, that’s cause they wanna be on the ground? So why ya gotta rake ‘em up and stick ‘em all in the trash?

This afternoon, my human family was out in the front yard, makin’ big ol’ piles of leaves. Red, orange, yellow—all sortsa beautiful colors. Well, Big Rascal got to thinkin’…why work up such a sweat when more leaves were gonna fall the next day? They shouldn’t be workin’ this hard for nothin’.

So, I waited until everyone took a break for some lemonade. Then I picked the biggest leaf pile and charged! With a leap, I landed smack dab in the cushy middle of the pile.


Leaves flew everywhere!

Now, my humans weren’t rightly happy with that. All sortsa hootin’ and hollerin’ as they chased me with their rakes. Silly humans. Ain’t nobody that can catch Big Rascal!

After loopin’ around the house a few times, I picked another big leafy pile and dashed right into it, buryin’ myself up to the tips of my ears and tail. No one saw where I’d gone, and now I’m hidin’ here, waitin’ for them to calm down and realize I did them a big ol’ favor.

Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone where I am!

In the meantime, pups, any of you ever help your humans with chores around the house? And you humans, does your dog ever act strange when you’re doin’ a chore (barkin’ at vacuum cleaners, runnin’ off with feather dusters)? Don’tch’a realize they’re trying to help you relax?

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