Big Rascal gets caught in a car wash – Where’s the strangest place your dog has wound up?

After working up a pant at the gym, I come away a bit grungy, smelling of pool chlorine. Big Rascal is no primpin’ princess, but I do know the value of keeping clean. If I’m all stinky and dirty, ain’t nobody gonna pet or play with me. Fortunately, I’ve figured out the best place to get myself spit-and-polished again.

I hoof it over to the nearby gas station and watch as cars come through. Most humans don’t notice Big Rascal sitting in the shade, but sometimes I get a treat tossed my way, like a bit of beef jerky bought from inside.

Sooner or later, I spot a car driving around to the car wash behind the store. I run up behind it as the driver pays the fare. Once the front door rolls up, I slink in alongside the unsuspecting humans as they enter the wash.

Now the fun begins!

The door shuts behind, water begins to spray everywhere, and soap suds spill all over. I run around the car, dashing through the fountains and waterfalls until I’m soaked through. I make sure not to drink any of the colorful foamy stuff. Tastes nasty, and upsets my stomach something fierce. Plus, I gotta stay on my toes and dodge all the big rolls of rubber flaps that whip around, slapping the car and making an awful racket.

At last, the machines shut down. The exit door opens, and the car pulls out. I follow, standing in the rush of hot air that feels like a giant blow-dryer.

Hoo boy! Big Rascal needs a few big shakes to get the spray off his fur this time. It’s a wild ride, every time, and that’s why ya gotta love it. What’s your method of keeping clean, pups? Running through sprinklers? Letting your humans rub you down?

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