Big Rascal Goes Sledding – What’s your most memorable adventure?

Snow makes everything perfect for romping, which is exactly what I was doing while my human family all took turns sledding down a hill in Denver’s Central Park. One of the older boys had brought a snowboard too, but had left it with one end stuck in the snow, so it stood up straight near the edge.

I plunged into another snowdrift, panting happily as I rolled onto my back and pawed at the sky. Then shouts of alarm pricked my ears up. I scrambled out of the drift to see the littlest daughter had tottered onto a sled without anyone noticing, and now slid towards the slope without one of her parents. Hey! She wasn’t allowed to do that!

Everyone yelled and waved their arms, but nobody could reach her in time. Nobody, except maybe…you guessed it…Big Rascal!

I kicked up snow as I dashed past them all to try and chomp the edge of the sled to keep the girl from going over. But, in their haste, everyone tripped over each other, and many humans fell flat and began to make messy snow angels. I leapt over the pile of silly humans, pushed the snowboard flat, and landed right on top.

Half a second later, snow sprayed into my face as I zoomed downhill. I balanced on the board until I came alongside the sled. Then, with a waggle of my haunches, I jumped off and into the sled beside the girl.

The girl’s cries of fright turned to laughter as she grabbed my collar. Bracing myself, I dipped my tail into the snow and used it to slow us down to a safer speed. At last, we came to a stop at the bottom, with everything intact.

The child threw her arms around my neck and burbled into my fur. The rest of the family tumbled and slid down the hill close behind, and I jumped aside as she was scooped up to be checked over for any injury.

By the time they finished with her and turned to look for me, I was already running back up the hill, dragging the sled along by its rope clamped between my teeth.

I wanted another ride!

So, all you furry snow-loving rascals, I think I deserve a whole week of treats for my heroic deed! Any pups out there have a big adventure you want to share?

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