Big Rascal – Labrador Retriever

Age: 35 years old (5 human years)
Sex: Male
Languages: Barkinglesh, Waggish

Hear me speak: [audio:http://www.varietypetfoods.comwp-content/uploads/2011/02/Big-Rascal-Profile.mp3|titles=Big Rascal Profile]

About me: I used to be Little Rascal, but my family renamed me when I got too big for that. I am the leader of the Variety Pack and am always on the lookout for fun and adventure! One important thing I have learned, there is always something new to sniff.

Activities & Interest: Hiking, Camping, Outdoor recreation, Chasing those small furry critter, Sneaking a piece of BBQ at picnics, Swimming and Playing with other dogs, Sleeping on the couch.

Attributes: Considered to be a rebel, doesn’t care what other dogs think, wags to the beat of a different drum, Stubborn,

Background: Born in the south, did have the opportunity for advanced education. Spent most of his formative years  traveling the world as a “lifer brat,” while his human was in the military. After his human left the service and moved back to Louisiana, Big Rascal would sneak out of the yard and spend time in the alleys of New Orleans, where he gained his best life lessons and street smarts.

Inspired by: Dr. John, Harry Connick Jr.

Music: Jazz, Classics for the 40’s, Hip Hop

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