Big Rascal snaps up a giant turkey leg – What treats do your pups like to snitch?

So here’s Big Rascal, in between two armored humans on horses, gunnin’ for each other with long, sharp poles. Well, any smart pup knows when it’s time to bail, so I kicked up mud and darted away right before the pair collided with a big ol’ clash and clatter.

Fortunately, the horses didn’t chase after, and I scampered into the crowd. And a strange crowd at that, with some humans wearing normal clothes, and others all got up in frilly costumes, or painted all strange. So much hootin’ and hollerin’ was going on. And my human family was somewhere in the middle of it all. How was I gonna find ’em?

Right about then, my tummy gave a big rumble. Now, Big Rascal don’t think too well on an empty stomach, so findin’ food became priority numero uno.

I trotted through a buncha tents and stages and booths, all crammed with people and shiny bits of metal. There were puppets and capes and goblets and all sortsa toys that I would’ve loved to chew on. Through it all, I smelled spices and meat somewhere in the distance.

At last, I came into a square where the smell of food grew stronger. Here, people lined up to get platters of food handed over. But I didn’t think the servers would just hand Big Rascal a plate. I had to figure out my own way to get with the goods.

I slipped around back and found a couple of fellas tendin’ a big grill with a huge pile of turkey legs being cooked. And lemme tell ya, these aren’t the bitty bits of meat like the ones you get in a KFC bucket. Some were as big as Big Rascal’s head! See?

I waited behind some trees, looking for the perfect opportunity. At last, a large shout came up from over by the field where the humans were riding horses at each other. The guys guarding the grill jogged that way to see what the fuss was about, and Big Rascal took the chance!

Bolting in, I snagged one of the turkey legs and was off and away before anyone saw! The hot meat burned my tongue a bit, but it was worth every bite. Now, with my appetite taken care of, it was time to venture out into the festival again and see if I could find where my humans had got off to.

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