Big Rascal visits the Renaissance Festival – Do you ever dress your dog up?

Big Rascal is confused. It ain’t Halloween already, is it? ‘Cause my human family got all dressed up yesterday in cloaks and capes and other funny-smellin’ clothes. They were talkin’ funny too, sayin’ things like “M’lord” or “M’lady.”

Then the whole family piled into a van (with Big Rascal ridin’ in the back) and we drove down from Denver to a place called Larkspur. At first, I thought we were gonna go into the woods and chase squirrels—but then we parked alongside a buncha other cars, and when we got out…we were in front of a castle!

A big sign over the castle gate read: Renaissance Festival. Tons of humans walked about, all lookin’ mighty strange in their getups. Women had big flowy dresses with lotsa lace, and a few guys tottered around in shiny armor, with big ol’ swords strapped to their back. Kids scampered around wavin’ wooden swords, and all the hubbub sure did overwhelm Big Rascal’s eyes and ears and nose, sure ‘nuff.

While my humans were talkin’ with the guards at the gate, a strong smell snagged my attention—cooked meat! Maybe it was all a bit confusing, but if there was meat inside the castle, I determined to get in there and get myself a snack. Food makes everythin’ better, don’t it?

I slipped off along the stone and wood wall of the castle, following the smell until I found a gap in the wall big enough for me to wriggle through. I found myself in a large muddy field. Across the way, a buncha tents had been set up, and the smell of meat came from one of these!

I headed that way across the field. Then a thunderin’ noise made me stop and look around. Two humans on horses were barrelin’ down from either end, with long painted spears pointed right at Big Rascal himself!

I’ll fill all y’all pups in on what happened next soon! In the meantime, have you ever been to this Renaissance Festival? Do dogs get to dress up for it too? Big Rascal wants to hear all about it.

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