Big Rascal's guide for pickin' out a pup – What to ask yourself when adopting a dog

All righty, pups and humans! We’ve barked a whole lot about different dog adoption events and shelters and all the great things they’re doin’ to keep tails waggin’ hard. But one thing we haven’t talked about just yet is exactly what y’all oughta be lookin’ for when you go to an adoption agency, wantin’ to bring a lil’ ol’ pup home with you.

How do you pick the right pup outta all those fuzzballs? Which four-legged tumbly-bumbly is gonna be the best fit for your family? Well, here are a few big things to consider when makin’ such an important decision:

  • Do you have kids? – Some breeds are better with kids or big families than others. A bit of research can easily help you figure out what type of dog has an attitude that matches your family’s.
  • How big is your house and yard? – Certain dog breeds require quite a lotta exercise, ’cause they’re packin’ a whallop of energy. Do you have the space indoors and out to handle all the romp and ruckus?
  • What’s your schedule like? – Now, you can’t think that gettin’ a pup and then leavin’ him or her home alone all day is any kinda fair. Pups of all ages gotta socialize, and that means you gotta be around to play and train them. Are you gonna be available as much as they need?
  • What’s your budget like? – Maybe a pup ain’t quite as expensive as a kid, but they’ve got needs that gotta be met! Food, vet fees, toys, and everythin’ else you wanna pamper ’em with. Are you gonna be able to afford it?

You gotta be honest when you answer these questions. Pups got a way of sneakin’ past your brain and zippin’ right to the heart. But don’t let emotions get in the way of you figurin’ out of you ┬ácan give a pup the home they deserve.

Got any adoption stories that’ll warm a heart during these chilly autumn days? Let’s hear ’em!

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