Break out the leashes…Spring is here!

Spring has officially sprung! Time to start putting away the winter jackets, the snow shovels, and ice salt and enjoy basking in the sun and warming weather once again. No doubt your dog might be feeling a little cooped up due to the chilly weather these past month, and now is the perfect time to get out of the house and enjoy some fantastic spring adventures and activities with your pup! How about a few suggestions to get the new season started with gusto?


  • Hiking – Now that the snow has melted (or is melting), why not bust out your hiking boots and take your pup on a long nature walk? Let them romp through fields of blooming wildflowers, sprint down muddy rabbit trails, or maybe even go for a swim in a brisk lake!
  • Long-distance fetch – Maybe you play fetch in your backyard or the local dog park–but nothing can help a dog ramp up its exercise with long runs up and down a grassy hill or across a huge field. Find a big space where they can run all-out and throw that ball or stick as fast and hard as you can.
  • Obstacle courses – Better yet, find a park with a variety of obstacles, such as playgrounds, benches, tree stumps, and more. Then see how long it takes your dog to learn to navigate through and around all  of them. Make a game of timing them, and you’ll be out there for hours!
  • Sprinkler party! – Have you started watering your lawn yet? What dog doesn’t love dashing through a refreshing spray of water? Play fetch while the sprinklers are on, for instance. Have friends with pups of their own? Invite them over for a grand time as the dogs chase each other around and through the water. Of course, give them a chance to dry off before letting them back in the house.

What other springtime activities have you and your pup been looking forward to?  Give us some suggestions!

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