Break out the wardrobe…it’s time to dress up your pets!

Who doesn’t love a little session of dress-up? Admit it. When we’re kids, we love busting out the costumes and running around, pretending to be princesses and superheroes. Even as adults, fashion remains a big part of our lives, not to mention getting to indulge in Halloween every year. So why leave your pets out of the fun? Why not celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day?

Here’s the reality: you don’t really need a reason to dress up your pet. We know people who do it almost every day. Some do it out of necessity, because they live in colder environments and their pups need an extra layer of warmth. Others do it during thunderstorms, giving their dogs snug coats to comfort them. And others have closets full of Halloween costumes for pets so they can join the annual parade. But why dress up your pet? Well…

  1. To have fun! Oh come on, you know it’s so much fun walking your dog down the sidewalk when they’re wearing a shark costume. Or maybe your kitten in a sweater and hat you knitted yourself. Then take plenty of photos or videos and share them with your family and friends. It’ll make the day all the brighter.
  2. To celebrate your pets! Dressing up your pet draws more attention to them, and they never turn down affection, do they? This is a wonderful way to invite others to notice the dogs and cats in their midst in a positive and affirming manner.
  3. Highlight a cause! One big cause we champion here is the support of animal shelters and adopting pets from them. So why not get your local shelter involved with this relaxed-yet-fun pet holiday? That way, when people in your community ask you why your pet is in a costume, you have the perfect opportunity to tell them about the shelter.

When was the last time you got the chance to dress up your pet? Well, now you have no excuses. Get out there and let them strut their fancy stuff! And be sure to send us photos or videos of them, and we’ll be sure to share them with our pet-loving community.

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