Canine safety tips – Help your dog have a happy Easter!

Easter weekend is upon us, which often means an abundance of colorful dresses, toys, and candy, plus families getting together for Easter egg hunts, church brunches, and other fun times. During the whirl of the holiday, don’t forget that your dog will be in among the festivities as much as everyone else–and they sometimes can be at higher risk for some of the health hazards this weekend involves.

So, how to keep your pups healthy and happy among the holiday hubbub? Here are a few potential trouble areas to look out for, plus some safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Secure that candy – As always, sugar can be troublesome for a dog’s digestion. Yet pups seem irresistably drawn to every sweet treat left out in the open. Be sure to keep your chocolate bunnies and jelly beans secured, and think twice if your dog tries to volunteer to help out with the Easter egg hunt.
  • Rethink fake grass – Looking to make those Easter baskets as colorful as possible? That plastic green grass sure looks great, but it can be a choking hazard if a dog tries to wolf it down. You can either make sure baskets stay out of reaching of snuffling snouts, or go for green tissue paper as a safer alternative filler.
  • Easter lilies – They’re gorgeous, to be sure, and who doesn’t love a lily gleaming on a sunny windowsill? But did you know lilies can be poisonous to pets? Keep an eye your flowers to make sure your pups don’t take a nibble or two!
  • Easter eggs – Whether you’ve hardboiled your eggs or are using the plastic variety, both can become choking hazards, plus you don’t want your pup finding and eating a rotten egg a week later. Note the exact number of eggs you’ve put into play and make sure each one is accounted for once the scavenger hunt is finished.
  • Tidy up! – Lastly, once all the Easter festivities are over, double-check around the house and yard to make sure all the painted or plastic eggs were found, that no one dumped candy on the floor, and that all baskets (and their contents) are accounted for.

It doesn’t take much to make Easter a happy holiday for everyone involved–including your four-legged family members. Taking those few extra steps to make Easter as safe as possible is yet another way to show your dog(s) how much you love them!

Happy Easter, everyone!

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