Caring for Your Senior Pet

Maybe your pet has been with you for over a decade and you get them right as a puppy or kitten. Maybe you went to a shelter and adopted an older animal. Whatever the case, we’re sure you recognize your elderly pet has certain growing needs to help them enjoy a higher quality of life in their golden years. That’s good to realize that because it’s absolutely true! Your pet has evolving activity levels, diets, and more that you, as their owner, need to keep a keen eye out for. Let’s go through a few big examples.



First off, even though your dog or cat might be moving a bit slower these days, it doesn’t mean they should just lie around the house all the time. Exercise remains important, and it’s up to you to help them get out and be active. If a dog becomes too sedentary, it can cause weight gain for one thing. This can add up to joint problems, making physical activity even more difficult. By taking them on regular walks, going to dog parks, or other similar fun events, you can help them avoid those issues in the first place. Plus, be sure to take them to the vet if they ever start showing signs of joint discomfort or extreme physical apathy (actually, regular checkups are recommended, with or without symptoms).

The other main thing to work with is their diet. Dogs and cats need certain vitamins and other essential foods, and what a puppy eats is far different from what a senior dog might chow down on. Some pets may develop sensitive stomachs or other intestinal issues, requiring more specific types of meals or supplements. Again, asking your vet for advice in this is invaluable. Also, try sticking to a particular brand of pet food when you find one your pup enjoys. We’re a little biased, of course, but we’ve heard countless stories of pet owners trying Variety Pet Foods and discovering it’s one of the few–if not the only–brand their ¬†pups will dive into without hesitation.

Is your pup getting a little gray around the muzzle? What are you doing these days to keep their tails wagging?

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