Rumors about your pets

Our society is rife with rumors–admittedly, mostly about each other. Or there’s plenty of rumors being spread online, through social media, about this celebrity or some weird event that turns out to be totally made up. And yes, now there’s all that public hashing about on “fake news,” whatever your opinion is on that. However, … Learn More ›

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Ever take your cat to work?

Most folks have heard of Take Your Child to Work Day or Take Your Dog to Work Day (and some offices even have pups lounging around practically every day of the week!). However, did you know there’s an official Take Your Cat to Work Day? That’s right! June 25th, right before the usual Take Your … Learn More ›

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Loving “ugly” dogs…

“A face only a mother could love.” That’s a phrase that’s jokingly used for people who might fall outside the supposed “norms” of human attractiveness. But did you know that dogs can suffer from such prejudice as well? These days, many dogs are bred to have a certainly aesthetic appeal, whether it’s a handsome stature, … Learn More ›

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