Celebrating Earth Day with your dog

Hello, pups. This is Gruffy. Last you heard from me, I was stuck way up high in a hot-air balloon, all by myself. You’ll hear how that adventure ends soon, but in the meantime, I had some thoughts while floating in the sky, looking down on all the beautiful forests and rivers and lakes.

How can we dogs be more friendly to the planet?

I thought long and hard on it–slept a bit too–and came up with a few ideas.

  • Don’t just throw away old bones. Even after all the good bits have been chewed off, they can be reused for crafts, or passed on to another pup who might enjoy gnawing away at it.
  • Make sure your humans use biodegradable bags when picking up after you!
  • When going hiking, even though it’s so tempting to run everywhere and sniff everything, try to stay on the trail so we don’t cause erosion.

Do any of you pups have ideas on how we can make our carbon pawprints as small as possible?

Also, get your humans to check out these websites if they want to show some puppy love to nature:

Earth Day 2011: Ways To Go Green With Your Pets!

Raise a Green Dog

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