Christmas is coming! What’s under the tree for your pet?

These days, it almost seems like Christmas shopping is becoming a year-round affair. Some people start shopping for Christmas in the summer months, or there’s the annual anticipation of infamous retail events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, where humanity scrambles over itself to snatch the best deals before they’re gone. And that’s not to mention all the post-holiday sales that occur when businesses try to get rid of all the stock that didn’t get bought during the holidays themselves. While you’re searching for the perfect gift for your second aunt, twice-removed, you might forget to think about a little extra something to give to your dog or cat. Well, we’re here to remind you!

Of course, whatever you get your pet for Christmas, you want to ensure it’s something safe for them to indulge in.┬áThe temptation might be to slip your pet a few bites of human holiday foods, but these can be unhealthy for them in the long run (we’ll look at Christmas health advice next time!). Instead, let’s look at pet-oriented options they’ll still be able to enjoy without possible introducing a hazardous element to their environment at home.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Pet

  1. For the first idea, here’s something you can do for pets in general, rather than yours specifically. Consider gifting a local shelter with monetary donations, resources, or even a few days of volunteer work each month. Shelters are often over-burdened and under-funded
  2. Take your pet to the groomer! Get a trained groomer to tend to your pet with a haircut, nail trimming, and bath. This can help freshen up your pet’s look for the upcoming New Year, plus help avoid snarled hair, skin conditions, or other potential health problems.
  3. Treats! What pet would turn down a delicious treat or special meal? If you need inspiration, Variety Pet Foods’ Baked Biscuits are perfect for pups, while your cat may delight in a can of Homestyle Recipes.
  4. New toys are always welcome by your dog or cat, especially if it’s a replacement for a beloved toy they’ve already battered or torn into shreds. If you know a particular plaything your pet absolutely adores, perhaps replace it with a new version that will last a bit longer, be it a new rope bone, catnip bag, or stuffed animal.

What are you thinking of putting under the tree for your pet? Have you gotten them gifts in the past? Share some of your ideas with us and other pet owners!

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