Clear the Shelters Helps More Than 45,000 Pets Get Adopted!

Clear the Shelters just pulled off its second successful year and looks to be making great strides in not only promoting pet adoption from local shelters but also getting people to actually act on the initiative. Clear the Shelters is, as you might guess by the name, an annual campaign to get as many pets adopted across the country. It does so by teaming up with both the NBC and Telemundo broadcast companies, highlighting the effort through news sections and ongoing local segments. And the result for this year?

Over 45,000 pets were adopted! That’s twice as many as was reported last year, and it looks like the program is just gaining momentum with every year. As big supporters of shelters and pet adoption, we are, of course, wholly behind this. Here’s a quote from┬áValari Staab, the president of NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations:

“Our entire division of NECN, Telemundo and NBC stations and our corporate staff are overwhelmed and thrilled with the extraordinary results of this year’s Clear The Shelters event. We want to thank all of our shelters, NBC and Telemundo affiliates that joined us this year and our partners, including Petco and VIP Petcare. Together, we emptied at least 13 shelters and found more than 45,000 animals new loving homes.”

Over 40 broadcast stations were involved in the campaign, along with more than 680 pet shelters across the country. Participating shelters contributed by reducing or eliminating adoption fees altogether, or offered waived fees for spaying and neutering. All of this let people discover their new family members and take them home in swift fashion. Not only dogs and cats got adopted, but also pets such as iguanas, guinea pigs, birds, and more.

Did you not get a chance to participate in Clear the Shelters in 2016? Well, don’t worry. Based on how amazingly it went, it’ll back around next July, so keep an ear out to learn how you can contribute to more pets finding loving homes.

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