Did you know you can "rent" a pet for a day?

Now it’s no secret that we’re highly encouraging of people who either adopt or foster pets. However, we also recognize that having pets around the household can be a big commitment–even if it’s just until they’re adopted by someone else. But some people love just the experience if spending time with a four-legged friend without necessarily being responsible for them in an ongoing basis, and that’s perfectly fine! Not everyone is able to be a pet owner, but there are ways to get some quality time in with a for just a day at a time.

Introducing Walkzee, a program designed to connect shelter dogs with temporary walking buddies.


The best part is, it’s also made to be entirely free for users. Maybe you’re traveling in another city and had to leave your beloved pet at home. Maybe you like to go on regular walks or hikes, but don’t like taking them alone. Maybe you live in a residential setup that doesn’t allow pets on the premises. Whatever your reason, this looks to be a great way to get your “dog fix” in without being a full pet owner. You both get a little companionship, some good physical activity, and the shelters involved get volunteers helping with some of their animal exercises. It’s a win-win-win situation!

Walkzee is actually currently in fundraising mode through Kickstarter, so if this sounds like a great program, consider adding your support. Eventually they plan to have an app for mobile devices so it’s an even more convenient arrangement. What would you do with a dog if you were able to have them by your side for a day? Where would you go?

And don’t forget that using this program would also help spread awareness about animal shelters. Who knows? Maybe you’ll bump into someone on your walk or hike who will end up wanting to adopt the dog after all!

Have you always wanted to spend more times with dogs and have them in your life, but just can’t make it a permanent thing at the moment?

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