Do you celebrate National Mutt Day?

Sometimes mixed-breed dogs can get overlooked when it comes time to consider pet adoptions. People come looking for specific breeds they’ve researched, looking for a list of qualities they’ve defined as the “perfect pup.” With a mutt, though, people aren’t as certain what to expect from the dog and can tend to pass them by for those with more established pedigrees.


The reality is, though, mixed-breed dogs are just as healthy, active, and lovable as any other breed! Sadly, adoption shelters across the country are full of mutts who get left behind. The other sad truth is that because of the ongoing demand for purebred dogs, many breeds of “designer puppies” are overpopulated in order to satisfy customer requests and fill the kennels in pet stores. These¬†purebreds are actually euthanized far more often because there are too many of them in the end.

So in 2005, Colleen Paige–a Celebrity Pet Expert and Animal Welfare Advocate–established National Mutt Day to draw attention to¬†and celebrate the marvelous of mixed-breed dogs! National Mutt Day is a chance for adoption shelters, volunteers, and pet enthusiasts to spread the word about mutts and show how they play vital roles within society, such as being bomb-sniffing dogs, search-and-rescue dogs, or guide dogs.

What can you do to participate in National Mutt Day? Well, if you’re currently considering adopting a dog, why not look at what mixed-breed pups are available in your local shelters rather than going for pure bred or designer dogs at a pet store (one that’s likely been supplied by a puppy mill)? Recognize that even if you have a list of qualities you want in a dog, there’s no actual guarantee a single purebred dog will even live up to those standards in the way you expect. After all, every dog is unique in and of itself. It may come from a specific bloodline, but its personality and character are going to be all its own!

Spread the word about National Mutt Day! If you have friends or family who are looking to adopt a dog, this is the perfect opportunity to tell them about all the benefits a mutt can offer. Help correct their misconceptions about these special pups and you may convince them to give a mutt a new home.

Lastly, if you have adopted a mutt, be sure to get them spayed or neutered! Pet overpopulation is one of the biggest challenges adoption shelters struggle with today, and every animal that is spayed or neutered is one less to worry about.

Is your dog a mutt? Or are you considering getting a mutt to add to your family? Tell us all about them and what inspired you to go with a mixed-breed dog instead of a purebred.





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