Do you celebrate World Cat Day?

We’re not sure where the schism between cat-lovers and dog-lovers began. Is it even a necessary social divide, or is it silly to decide that one animal or pet is automatically better than another? Oh, we don’t doubt there are many ready and willing to extol on the virtues of their four-legged friend of choice, be it one that meows or barks (or whistles, or neighs, or…). But at Variety Pet Foods, we like to believe all animals are worthy of our love and devotion and attention, as well as the best and healthiest meals and treats around.

While our company got off the ground by focusing on dog food, it’s been our delight to add cat meals to the mix. In doing so, we’ve also turned our attention to our feline friends alongside our canine ones. After all, dogs and cats share many of the same needs when it come to finding new families and being cared for in the way they deserve.



As such, it’s great fun to celebrate World Cat Day today, August 8th! Also known as International Cat Day, this holiday was founded in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to honor the cat’s ancient relationship with humanity and constant popularity as pets across the whole globe.

How can you join the celebration? There are plenty of ways to get in on the fun:

  • Post Pics! – Few things are more popular online these days than videos, pics, or GIFs of cats. If you’ve got a favorite snapshot of your cat, be sure to post it on Facebook, your blog, or any other social network your part of. Sure, you likely post them lots of other days too, but now’s the time to really let others know how grateful you are for your cat’s place in your life.
  • Treats! – Of course treats are an easy way to make any day into a special occasion.¬†Does your cat have a favorite snack you keep above the cupboard? A sock filled with catnip might provide some fun, or you could also treat them to the Variety Pet Foods Cat Kibble meals!
  • Extra Cuddle Time – It probably didn’t take long for your cat to find its favorite cuddle spot draped over your lap or across your shoulders–or maybe even your head. Share in the joy of a good long kitty cuddle, letting their warm fur and purring reduce your stress levels.

How are you celebrating World Cat Day? Send us photos or stories of your cats so we can share them with others. Post them on our Facebook wall and we’ll gladly spread the word!

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