Do you know about pet diabetes?

Chances are you know someone who is dealing with diabetes of some level in their life. Perhaps you even suffer from it yourself and have to take steps to keep your quality of life more positive. Well, did you know that dogs and cats can get diabetes too? It’s true! In fact, our pets can be affected by many of the diseases and illnesses we humans experience (unfortunately). With diabetes, it is actually a group of diseases that cause excessive blood sugar levels, which can eventually prove fatal if not treated properly. How do you care for a pet with diabetes or even know if they have it in the first place? Join us for National Pet Diabetes Month to find out!

We know. This month has already been dedicated to adopting senior pets and pet cancer awareness, but there’s always room for more pet health initiatives. In fact, we cheer them on! The more pet owners can know about health issues that might affect their pets, the better chance they stand of taking preventative action or helping them heal more quickly.

Diabetes symptoms aren’t too hard to spot, if you’re looking out for them. Pets with diabetes often drink excessively, urinate far more often than normal, and tend to be much more lethargic. If your pet is showing any of these signs, get them to the vet for a test.

If your pet is diagnosed with diabetes, there are steps you can take to manage their health. Of course, daily insulin injections are necessary, but so are things like keeping them on a proper diet, helping them get good exercise on a regular basis, and getting them back to the vet for regular checkups.

The wonderful thing is, when a dog or cat receives proper medication and care, they are able to experience a normal and healthy life just like any pet without the disease. But much of this relies on you, their human, to detect and monitor in the first place.

Have you had a pet that struggled or struggles with diabetes? How did you first discover it? What steps did you take to help them recover?

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