Do You Know About Variety Pet Foods’ Amazon Store?

One of the questions we get a lot at Variety Pet Foods is usually along the lines of: “Help! My local store stopped carrying your food and it’s the only thing my dog/cat likes to eat! Where can I go to purchase it again?”

We’re constantly working with retailers across the country to make our food and treat lines as locally available as possible, but we know sometimes that’s just not possible in the short term. Fortunately, we’re in the process of setting up new online channels so our products are available to anyone, anywhere! Check out the:

The Variety Pet Foods Amazon Store


Now, this is a relatively fledgling project and we’re still working on the setup; please rest assured that we aim to have as much of our meals and Mixables online as soon as possible. Of course, we’re happy to help support pet retailers right in your area by stocking items there, but in case there’s ever a shortage, you’ll be able to find many, if not all, the items you need online.

If you’re ever still struggling to find the delicious deals your dog or cat loves, don’t hesitate to contact us on Facebook, via our website, or otherwise. We’ll do our best to help you track down the particular product you need!

What Variety Pet Foods items are you happy to see online? Are there any not yet in our Amazon store that you can’t wait to see go up?

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