Does your dog get Christmas presents? – Great canine gift ideas

Big Rascal here, pups! Gotta admit, I’m always a bit razzle-dazzled by how quickly humans switch between holidays. Seems like just last week everyone was hoppin’ round the turkey, and now it’s nothin’ but fancy lights and decoratin’ trees and hearin’ big guys in red suits goin’ “Ho ho ho!”

Oh, well. I shouldn’t complain. My humans always have a stockin’ hung up by the fireplace for yours truly, and come Christmas Day, it’s full of all sorts of nibbly and gnawin’ treats.

Do you get presents from your humans? What’s been your all-time favorite?

Now, we pups ain’t too picky when it comes to presents, but there sure some out there that make the holiday all the more jolly! Here’s a few great ideas:

And, of course, Mixables always are a great treat, whatever time of the year it is. For Christmas, have your human slip you a Colorado Cookout packet–beef, potatoes, carrots, peas, and gravy make for a marvelous dinner!

So, pups…what’s the best present you’ve ever received?

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