Don’t forget to celebrate National Pet Week!

May 4-10 is National Pet Week! Are you prepared to pay a bit of special attention to the furry and four-legged critters who round out your family with extra love and joy? Back in 1981, the American Veterinary Medical Association established National Pet Week to honor the invaluable roles pets hold in our lives and promote responsible pet ownership. What could be better? Well, how about a good handful of ideas on how to celebrate these pet-acular days?



1. Spread the Word: Start by letting all the other pet owners in your area, your friends, family, and anyone else you can think of know about this great week! The more who are aware of it, the more who can participate and the better the celebration will be.

2. Throw a Pet Party: If you have lots of pet-owners in your area, why not gather them all together for an event? Have a pet-themed shindig complete with pet-friendly decorations, food, and fun. Also, check in your area to see if any vets or shelters are already hosting events and see if you can get involved!

3. Treat Your Pet: Do you hold any particular treats in reserve for special occasions? Why not dig out the goody bag and get your dog’s tail wagging? If you need any ideas, of course we’d recommend the Homestyle Baked Biscuits as a surefire hit!

4. Teach the Kids: It’s always important for kids to grow up knowing about responsible pet ownership. They may already be part of it, helping take the dog on walks or changing the litter box. But it can be good to sit them down every so often for a refresher. Take this time to remind the little ones why it’s so good for your pets to be properly cared for, so they live long and healthy and can be part of the family for years to come.

Have you celebrated National Pet Week in the past? What did you do and how did it go? Will you be celebrating again this year? Tell us your plans!

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