Ever crafted for your local pet shelter?

Ah, pet shelters. How much do we love them? They sacrifice so much time and energy to help dogs and cats find their forever homes, rescue strays, and much more. We often talk about ways you can support your local shelter, such as volunteering your time, donating money or other vital resources, or, of course, adopting from them. Yet here’s an option you might not have considered: crafting!

That’s right. If you have any crafty skills (or are willing to try your best), there are many projects you can knit, sew, or otherwise whip up that could be beneficial to pet shelters. In fact, since 2012, July 21st has been National Craft for your Local Shelters Day, so what better time to undertake a crafty endeavor or two? In fact, you could get the whole family or neighborhood involved in the process, making it a fun time for everyone. Before you begin, though, do make sure to contact your local shelter and ask if they take crafted projects and if there’s anything in particular they could use. That way you can make better plans of budgeting for the project and listing the various materials (safe ones) that you’ll need to make however many items you want.

So what could you make?

Here’s just a short list to get your imagination going:

Don’t stress about making your crafty items too pretty or perfect. Dogs and cats won’t care how “nice” the items are. Instead, they’ll simply appreciate the fact that you took the time to make them something that helps them be comfortable, have fun, or be safer as they play.┬áNot to mention, you could create a bunch of items like food and water bowls, paintings, and other items that would appeal more toward humans, using your shelter’s name and/or logo and then have a fundraiser at your local community center, donating to the proceeds to the shelter in the end.

What crafty skills do you have? Have you ever made something for your own pets that your local shelter could use in abundance?

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