Ever take your cat to work?

Most folks have heard of Take Your Child to Work Day or Take Your Dog to Work Day (and some offices even have pups lounging around practically every day of the week!). However, did you know there’s an official Take Your Cat to Work Day? That’s right! June 25th, right before the usual Take Your Dog to Work Day, employees are encouraged to bring their feline family members in to the office in order to spend some quality time in a more professional atmosphere. It’s a wonderful idea that’s only been around since 1999. Some workplaces and managers might be a little more limited in how much they’re willing to allow cats in the office, but if you can convince your coworkers to participate, here are a few things to keep in mind to celebrate this cat-tastic holiday!

A big thing is to check that no one in your office is allergic to cats (same as when bringing dogs in to the area). Show some consideration for those who might actually physically suffer from being in proximity to or in contact with cats. Make sure everyone is aware that cats will be in the office so they can be prepared to take extra precautions for everyone’s comfort and safety.

Don’t bring your cat in to work unless it has a collar with ID (and preferably a microchip), and you might consider giving it a bell to wear so you can keep track of where it’s wandering at all times. If you don’t have an office door, try to find a way to keep your cat confined to a certain space near you while you work, that way it won’t accidentally sneak outside through a side door or get stuck in an elevator!

Cat-proof your workspace by ensuring there are no accessible plants that it might eat, which could prove hazardous, or exposed wires it might be tempted to chew on.

Also, since cats can be unnerved or made uneasy by suddenly being plopped into a new place, bring along items that will help it feel more comfortable around your desk. This can be a cat bed, toys, and, of course, various essentials, such as a litter box and bowls for food and water.

What do you think? Would your office benefit from having a few felines wandering among the desks? Did you think you would enjoy having your cat keeping you company as you work?

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