Get ready to celebrate Puppy Bowl VIII on February 5th!

Tiffany here, dearies! Now, if I were to ask whether any of you humans or pups out there were ready for the big game on February 5th, I bet your minds would skip right to the Super Bowl, with all its funny advertisements and parties with loads of food. Maybe that’s still accurate, but, oh!, there’s an even more special event going on at the same time which you must absolutely tune in to.

The Annual Puppy Bowl!

Never heard of it? It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Let me dish out the details.

It started back in 2005 when the Animal Planet aired the first Puppy Bowl alongside the Super Bowl. The show consists of a pack of pups at play inside a miniature version of a football stadium. A highly trained referee keeps the play safe, while a commentator keeps the audience entertained by the cute antics. There’s even a half-time show

But that’s not all! See, these puppies are all brought in from various shelters are are up for adoption. When you watch the show, you can learn how to bring one into your own home, and even support the local shelters they’ve come from. What could be more worthwhile?

Check out this video of the final moments from last year’s game, and then make sure you’ve got plenty of treats ready for your pups who’ll be anticipating the game of the year!

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