Get spooky…but don't spook your pup too much this Halloween!

I don’t know about you, but I know plenty of people who prefer Halloween over every other holiday–even Thanksgiving and Christmas! Whether you do or not, if you’re planning to celebrate Halloween and have a pup around or in tow, there’s a few things you should know before the festivities begin. Like most holidays, it can be a perfectly fantastic time, but there are always threats to animal safety during them.



We’ll obviously leave that as a joke and assume none of you would ever actually stick such a cutie in the oven. But hey, top marks for creativity!

Seriously, we talked last time about various costumes you can make for your pets so they can get in on the trick-or-treating (or maybe win a costume contest or take part in a pet parade). However, just remember not to dress them up in anything too tight, that could make them overheat or restrict their breathing. Also, make sure there’s someone with them the whole time they’re dressed as they might accidentally ingest part of the costume, creating a choking hazard.

And no candy snacks! Small amounts aren’t going to be deadly, but there’s always a chance that they pup will snarfle down the kids’ whole stash and then you’ve really got a problem.

If you’re giving out candy to trick-or-treaters, make sure the animals are secured whenever you open the door–and if you’re taking your pet out around the neighborhood, keep them leashed always so they don’t run off and cause trouble.

One last thing! We all love the spooky candle decorations, like those in windows or jack-o-lanterns, but these can be fire hazards. Either make sure all lit candles are well out of the pooch’s reach or consider switching to LED fake candles.

Happy Halloween!


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