Get Your Cute on with National Puppy Day!

If the internet (especially YouTube) has taught humanity anything, it’s that we can’t get enough of adorable puppies. There is just something purely innocent about a puppy, even when they may gnawing on your furniture a little too much. They’ve got boundless energy, love to explore, cuddle, and discover all the new and wonderful things about the world that many of us sadly overlook after a while. They’re perfect lessons in…well…puppyish wonder and delight! Even when a dog grows up, they can retain that puppy spirit that brings such joy into our lives.

So let’s celebrate all the puppies we have (or have had) with National Puppy Day, March 23rd! Now, this celebration goes beyond just giving your pup a good cuddle or an extra treat–though they certainly aren’t going to turn those down.

Instead, take it a step further by help raising awareness for some puppy plights around the world. Because, sadly, not every puppy has a home. Some wind up in shelters, awaiting adoption by a loving family. And those shelters don’t always have all the funds or supplies to give puppies the best care they deserve. So…

Consider adopting a puppy yourself if you’ve been thinking about it. And tell others about the importance of animal adoption rather than automatically going to breeders or pet stores.

You can also donate time or resources to your local shelters. You could make a National Puppy Day event out of a donation drive that brings your whole neighborhood or larger community together!

If you’ve already got a puppy, definitely give them the attention and love they deserve. Help them be healthy by providing delicious meals, bathing them regularly, and getting them outside for a good romp. The possibilities are truly endless.

Do you have a puppy in your home? What’ve you done to show them a little extra affection lately? When others consider getting a puppy, do you remind them to adopt instead of shop?

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