Give your pet some Valentine’s Day love!

As you rush about, making all sorts of romantic plans for Valentine’s Day, be sure to remember your furry companions! Yes, we do mean offer many cuddles and treats, of course, but as with many other holidays, Valentine’s Day is just crammed full of possible health hazards for your dog or cat. And what’s a better expression of love than taking the extra effort to look out for their safety? Here are a handful of things to check off your to-do list alongside getting flowers and making a dinner reservation.

Much like Halloween, Valentine’s Day abounds with candy, from boxes of chocolates to those somewhat chalky little hearts with cutesy sayings. Yet it’s common knowledge that candy can be dangerous for a dog or cat’s health, especially if ingested in large amounts. Not only are high amounts of sugar bad for your pet’s heart health, but many candies contain xylitol, which is toxic, especially to dogs, and should be kept well out of reach of their questing noses and tongues. The same goes for fruit baskets or those “edible flower arrangements” that are often popular.

Flowers or other plants that are often given as gifts during Valentine’s Day can also be toxic to dogs and cats if ingested. In particular, watch out for lilies, especially if you have cats around. These lovely blooms are fatal to felines, so unless you know exactly what is in your floral arrangement sitting on the counter, you should keep your cat well away from it.

Finally, how many of you have considered giving a loved one a puppy or kitten as a Valentine’s Day present (also a common occurrence during Christmas)? It may seem like an appropriately adorable gift, but animals aren’t just boxes of candy or flowers. They take a lot of responsibility to care for–not to mention, what happens if your significant other doesn’t like particular animals or is allergic to them? Research thoroughly before putting a red bow around a puppy’s neck and using it as a romantic gesture.

How will you be spending your Valentine’s Day? Take a little time to (safely!) express your affection for your dog or cat, maybe with some well-needed cuddles!

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