Give thanks for your pets this Thanksgiving!

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? We sure are! After all, our company is all about making all sorts of delicious meals and tasty treats…just because they’re made for animals instead of humans doesn’t make any real difference. We appreciate the comfort and zest of a great meal, especially when surrounded by loved ones. That’s why the holiday seasons tend to be our favorite times of the year.

So, you’ve got family and friends coming over…you’ve got all your favorite recipes lined up…everyone is debating their favorite kind of pie…what are you forgetting?il_340x270.482496417_t3q0

Oh, right! The family pets! Thanks for the reminder, Turkey-Hat-Cat.

Our furry family members are just as much a part of the festivities as always. Since Thanksgiving tends to revolve around the big meal, it’s quite tempting to let them sneak in a few bites off the dinner table. Before you start letting them slurp up gravy or gobble down turkey scraps, here are a few reminders about dietary health for dogs and cats:

  1. Keep an eye on your pet. They’ll be plenty tempted by all the goodies around the house and on the table and may try to sneak off with a snack. They don’t know that cinnamon roll could greatly upset their digestive system–but you do! And if you remain aware, you can keep them from getting sick later.
  2. Turkey is fine to let your pet nibble…just not too much. A few tiny scraps are okay, but cut it off there. Also, be sure the turkey is fully cooked (no raw meat!) and remove excess skin and fat so the grease doesn’t cause trouble.
  3. Cranberry sauce is also allowable, but once again, keep it minimal. Plus, try to limit it to low-sugar sauces rather than the super-sweet kind.
  4. Keep them away from cake, cookies, and other bread foods–especially raw dough! If an animal eats raw dough, their internal heat can cause it to rise in their intestinal system, causing pain and bloating.
  5. Don’t feed them anything with spices or herbs (like sage). Those can make meals delicious for humans but have various oils and resins that can be disruptive to an animal’s digestive as well as nervous system.

Still want to make sure your pets get a few tasty bites during dinner? What better than Variety Pet Food’s own Mom’s Turkey Dinner meal? It’s available for both dogs and cats, the former as a Homestyle Recipe, the latter as a Homestyle Cat Can. It’s the perfect way to let them know they’re part of the family during this delicious holiday.

What’s your favorite part of the Thanksgiving feast? Does your family have any sort of tradition during the holiday? Are your pets involved in any way?


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