Goals for having a healthy dog!

We think it’s safe to assume that we all want our dogs to be as healthy as possible–this way they can share a long and happy life with us. Now, when we think of trying to encourage a healthy lifestyle for ourselves, several main things often jump to mind. Simple things, like eating a balanced diet, getting some exercise, being well-rested, and avoiding too much junk food. All good practices to follow, and also ones that can be just as applicable to our dogs as they are to us. Let’s look at how some of these might cross-over to our four-legged loved ones.

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As we said, it can be relatively easy to insure your pup is getting the amount of exercise they need. If you don’t have a yard for them to romp around in, even just going on a half hour walk with them each day can help immensely. Even better, see if there’s a dog park in the neighborhood and go two or three times a week. That way they’ll not only get in some good exercise, but they’ll also be able to socialize with the other pups enjoying the park!

And while it’s tempting to give dogs lots of treats as thanks for the love and joy they bring into our lives, remember that too many treats can be a bad habit after a while and cause issues such as unwanted weight gain or digestive troubles. Keep treats for special occasions or for training purposes. And always choose treats that are made with wholesome and nutritious ingredients (such as baked biscuits!).

Lastly, just like it’s wise for you to visit the doctor or dentist at least once or twice a year for check-ups and cleanings, don’t put off taking your dog to the vet for too long! There may be health issues that aren’t as immediately obvious that the vet will be able to detect and prescribe proper medication or treatment for. The sooner these things are noted and dealt with, the less chance they’ll develop into more severe issues.

So, as we continue to enjoy the new year, take time to think what ways you could encourage a healthy, happy life for your pup. After all, if it were up to them, they’d probably eat every last treat in a single day and never visit the vet on their own.


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