Gruffy encounters forest critters – What animals has your pup met?

Hello, humans. Gruffy is still here, separated from my human, but finding my way back slowly and surely. After the hot air balloon landed in the lake, I swam to shore and found a trail through the surrounding woods.

I padded down the trail while my fur dried. Fortunately, it remained a nice, sunny day. I drank a bit from the river running alongside the trail—brisk, mountain water is so refreshing. Then I took a short nap while listening to the river burble along.

I woke up to a rustling noise, like something was trying to sneak up on me. A strange smell filled the air too, a mix of musk and grass and a tangy smell, like honey, except not as sweet.

I perked my ears up and looked around, but didn’t see anything. Nobody was walking on the trail as far as my doggy eyes could see. I rose to my paws and turned in a circle. And right behind me stood a small herd of deer! I’d never seen a deer in real life before, but my human owned several books of animal photos and had pointed them out to me before.

The deer stared at me as I watched them, all of us surprised at discovering each other. They’d been grazing through the woods, and some of them still had plants and bits of bark in their mouths.

Wagging my tail, I trotted over and sat in front of the nearest dear—a big buck with a beautiful set of antlers. Its nostrils flared as I got nearer, but after a few moments, it bent down and touched its nose to mine. I wagged my tail harder to let them know it was wonderful to meet them. They stamped and pawed the ground in response.

Suddenly, they all perked their heads up. The next instant, they bolted back into the forest and vanished. Soon after, I heard voices from further down the trail. Someone was coming! Was it my human?

Find out who I meet in my next adventure. In the meantime, pups, have you ever encountered strange animals in your wanderings?

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