Gruffy- Golden Retriever

Age: 91 years old (13 human years)
Sex: Female
Languages: Barkinglesh, Waggish, Woofian

Hear me speak: [audio:http://www.varietypetfoods.comwp-content/uploads/2011/02/Gruffy-Profile-Mp3.mp3|titles=Gruffy Profile Mp3]

About Me: My human is an elderly widow who lives and travels the country in an RV. I am her copilot and have never gotten us lost. I may not run as fast as the younger pups, but I still get around well and won’t stop until I reach the great dog park in the sky.

Activities & Interests: Exploring new cities, Hanging my head out of the RV window, Licking the windshield clean, Reading maps, Dreams of sitting on the front porch while napping, Sharing meals with human at road-side diners, Listening to talk radio (wishing there was a radio station just for dogs).

Attributes: Domesticated, Loyal, Great Listener, Creative, Smart, Accommodating and Impeccable Hygiene.

Background: Graduated with top honors from Dog Training School (research to find the name of the most reputable company), Went on to be the best family dog she could be,

Human Voice: Martha Stewart, Merrill Streep, Rachel Ray

Inspired by: Lassie, Marley (the star in Marley & Me movie)

Music: Classical, Movie Soundtracks, Mood (spa music), Coffee House background

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