Gruffy Rides in a Hot Air Balloon—by Herself! – Should dogs travel without their humans?

I don’t quite remember how it happened, but I do know it started with my human’s hat. She loves wearing big, floppy hats, often with lots of fake cherries and grapes along the brim.

Early one morning, we drove past a large field filled with hot air balloons. Some sort of festival, from what I could tell. People roamed the area as the colorful balloons filled and rose into the sky. A few remained tethered to the ground as they were prepped for takeoff.

Then a gust of wind blew my human’s hat right off. It flipped through the air and landed inside a nearby hot air balloon basket. With a whuff, I took off after the hat. I jumped into the basket to retrieve it. Someone shouted something, but the basket and wind drowned out the words.

Perhaps the rope wasn’t tied down well, or the balloon owner was about to launch and I jumped in just ahead of him. Whatever the case, the moment I got the hat in my mouth, there was a bump and scrape. The balloon shifted, and when I peered back over the edge of the basket, I found I was already ten feet off the ground!

Now, when I peer over the edge of the hot air balloon basket, I can see my human’s RV racing along the road, far, far below me. I hope she doesn’t get lost while chasing me. My human always has a hard time reading maps without me navigating from the passenger’s seat.

At least the basket is cozy. And it’s incredibly beautiful up here. Everything looks so small.

I don’t know where the balloon is going; but I bet it’s somewhere I’ve never been before! The thought makes my tail wag.

The wind is blowing me towards mountains that are full of green trees. I can smell water, so there must be rivers and lakes. Maybe it’s a big park where I can romp and play and lie in the sun.

I guess I’ll have to wait and find out.

You tell me, young pups—should I wait out the balloon ride and see where I land, or play around with the controls and see if I can get back to the ground by myself? Have any of you had such an exciting time, with or without humans?

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