Gruffy's summer hiking tips

Time to take a hike, pups!

Oh, Gruffy didn’t think about how that might sound at first. But really, I think all pups should have the chance to get outdoors while the air is fresh and the sun is warm. Something about summer makes the mountains around Denver (which is where the Variety Pack is based) come alive. Birds and chipmunks and deer and fish and…well, the list is wild critters is just endless.

One thing Gruffy has learned about being outdoors is that it’s always important to be prepared. For instance, weather can change quickly in Colorado, so the day may start out sunny, but end with lots and lots of rain. So here’s a few tips for all our furry friends getting out and about:

  • Make sure you always have plenty of water! We pups can get very thirsty, and heavy panting only helps so much.
  • Make sure your human has a map! Sometimes trails can be tricky to follow, and you certainly don’t want to get lost out
  • Don’t chase the animals! As hard as it can be to control ourselves when we spot fuzzy critters scampering through the woods, we have to respect the fact that we’re just guests in their natural home. (Also, be sure to know when a trail requires us pups to be on a leash. It may not be as fun, but it keeps us and humans safe!)

Where do you go hiking in your area? What are the best trails or sights to go see?

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