Happy Cat Month!

Some people might be confused if they’ve been paying attention to Variety Pet Foods since we first were founded. “Didn’t you just do dog food and treats?” we’ve sometimes been asked. Why do we then pay attention to our feline friends? Why not just focus on dogs and all their canine wonderfulness? Well, the clue is in our name. Variety Pet Foods. Not just Variety Dog Foods! In fact, our goal from the start was to include a growing line of cat meals and treats alongside the doggy noms everyone has already come to love. As we’ve grown, we’ve achieved this dream, and now offer both dog and cat meals and treats (including Homestyle Cat Kibble and Homestyle Cat Cans).

With all that in mind, it should then be no surprise when we then want to celebrate September as Happy Cat Month!

Established by the CATalyst Council, Happy Cat Month goes on the whole month of September and is the purrfect (yes, we know, we’re sorry) opportunity to celebrate the feline friends and family members in your life.

The fun part is, the month is split up into four weekly themes.

• Week 1 – Happy Healthy Cat (September 1-5)
• Week 2 – Happy Enriched Cat (September 6-12)
• Week 3 – Happy Multi-Cat (September 13-19)
• Week 4 – Happy Valued Cat (September 20-30)

So be sure to give the CATalyst Council your attention as they disseminate marvelous info for your kitties to enjoy a healthier, longer, and more loved life! In the meantime, you can do plenty more to show your cats how much you love them and want them to be happy. For instance, you could make sure your cat’s microchip is up-to-date so they can be recovered if they ever dart out the door. You could make sure they’re neutered or spayed, to help with the unfortunately rampant overpopulation issue. You could get them a new shiny toy to chase, or even a big bag of catnip to give them a mini-celebration of their own. And who would say no to a new scratching post, especially when it keeps your furniture and curtains free of claw marks?

So what will you do to enjoy Happy Cat Month? Have you taken steps to ensure your kitty is well-fed, warm, and loved?

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