Have you taken your cat to the vet recently?

Cats can seem like such independent creatures, aloof and off doing their own business…until they want affection on their own time and terms. However, it isn’t wise to always let them be off on their own day in, day out. One of the biggest issues a cat owner can overlook is the need for regular vet visits and checkups to make sure your feline friend and family member is healthy. This is why the American Veterinary Medical Association has founded the National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day!

Every August 22nd, cat owner are reminded and encouraged to take their cat to the vet for any number of health procedures and reviews. Why is this so important? Well, consider that there are nearly 75 million cats in the country at this time, but these felines, on average, visit the vet less than 2x per year. That’s plenty of time for various health-related issues to spring up without being noticed–and the longer an illness, injury, or disease goes untreated, the worse the consequences can become.

Some of the more common feline health issues include obesity, chronic kidney disease, dental decay, fleas, cystitis, feline upper respiratory infections, and plenty more. These can all be detected in early stages and treated with proper medication and care, but that means taking the cat to the vet in the first place!

Has your cat ever been exposed to other felines, such as strays? That can lead to infection from dangerous diseases that you may never even be aware of. Sure, you can try to keep your cat entirely indoors all the time, but you are still able to track in infectious elements that can negatively infect their health. And this doesn’t factor in issues such as poor diet, lack of exercise, or other environmental factors. A good vet will be able to educate you on proper cat care in every stage of life, so your cat will enjoy a long and healthy existence–and be around to cuddle with you for years to come.

When was the last time you took your cat to the vet? If you can’t recall (or it’s been more than six months), consider scheduling a new appointment today!

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