Help your cat have a happy month!

Yes, Variety Pet Foods did start out providing yummy meals and treats just for dogs, but so many of us are cat lovers too, we just had to expand the line to include them! Do check out the many options we now provide both sets of our four-legged family members. In the meantime, here’s another way to turn the spotlight a bit brighter on our feline friends. September is Happy Cat Month!

Established by the CATalyst Council, a nonprofit organization devoted to bettering the lives of cats everywhere, Happy Cat Month is a time devoted to finding ways to show your cat a little extra love and learn about how you can improve the quality of their well being–plus keep them healthy and happy for years to come.

So what can you do to help celebrate Happy Cat Month? Oh, there are plenty of options.

First off, it’s easy to find plenty of treats and gifts for your cat to enjoy. From a VPF kibble meal to a new scratching post to a bit of catnip to a fun tassel to play with–your cat will enjoy the delicious treat or fun toy that also helps them exercise a bit more and gives you quality time.

And speaking of scratching posts, we know there’s some debate out there about declawing cats.┬áMany people do it for the convenience, or the fear of get the furniture clawed up, or even members of the household getting scratches that become infected or worse. But declawing can ultimately be detrimental to a cat, causing health issues as well as taking away one of their natural defenses. Scratching is natural for a cat, and the trick is teaching them to scratch the right things: scratching posts and pads, for example. So providing these and training them to scratch at acceptable objects will keep them healthier and everyone safe. You can also try claw tips, another humane way of letting them keep their claws but avoiding unwanted scratching.

Spend some quality time with your kitties. Yes, they may laze around or seem unsocial at times, but they really do like to play. Find the right toys from a pet store and get them romping a little each day. And when they want to cuddle, be sure to give them plenty of love.

Lastly, have you ever considered becoming a multi-cat household? It may seem daunting, but caring for two cats isn’t much harder (if any) than just one. They’ll play with one another, and it gives you a chance to support a local shelter by adopting. Or, if you don’t have any feline family members yet, consider bringing home a socialized pair from an adoption agency so they won’t get broken up by individual adoptions.

So Happy Cat Month! Be sure to celebrate with your cats, not just this month, but every single day.

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