Do you have homeless animals around you?

Today, the International Society for Animal Rights is officially holding the International Homeless Animals Day around the world. Dog and cat overpopulation isn’t just a problem in the US. Almost every country deals with it, especially in their major cities, or the countries that don’t have strong spaying and neutering programs, or veterinary systems. Not only do homeless animals potentially suffer from malnutrition, injury, and the like, but they can be an unfortunate threat to the communities where they leave–spreading disease or causing damage to property and people.

Now is your chance to participate! Most states and cities have some IHAD pet walk to raise awareness for the event, plus many pet shelters and veterinary clinics will also have some special promotions running during this time to educate the public.

The main cause of pet overpopulation is the lack of spaying and neutering, especially among animals that don’t have a family to take care of them. This results in feral animals attacking people, or many unfortunate dogs and cats having to be put down to control populations in areas.

It is believed that about 70,000 puppies and kitties are born in the US alone every day! The vast majority of them will add to the overpopulation problem. If you want to help, there are many things you can educate your friends and family about. This includes mandatory pet registration. Adoption sterilization programs, proper shelter funding and training, decrying the ongoing practices of puppy mills, and much more.

You can donate directly to the ISAR organization, but you can also become involved by reading up on their in-depth materials on the matter so you can have informed discussions with those who may be entirely ignorant of animal population as a global pandemic.

Does your community have a problem with dog and cat overpopulation? Do local organizations have any active programs trying to deal with the situation?

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