How to get your dog on Santa's "nice" list!

It’s a tough life as a puppy around the holiday season, that’s for sure. Why? Because there are so many temptations that could knock a pup off Santa’s nice list, and it can be oh-so-hard to behave throughout these wintry months. There are treats to be snatched and gobbled, presents under the tree to tear open, not to mention ornaments that need knocking down with a fast-wagging tail.


Not every puppy can be quite as well-behaved as the rest, but maybe there are some ways they can get back on Santa’s good side and ensure they get a few extra treats or some gifts of their own when Christmas morning rolls around. Some of these little tips and tricks may require your help! How about…

  • Giving your dog a seasonal bath so they smell nice and fresh around the house? Better yet, if you can find some dog shampoo that has a pine tree scent (or maybe even fresh-baked cookies), it can add to the lovely smells Christmas tends to inspire.
  • Get little doggie gifts for all your friends, family, and neighbors who also have pets! Hint: Variety Pet Food Mixables and biscuits make for great gifts, and are super-easy to gift wrap.
  • Dress up your pup for Christmas to show they’re at least trying to be in the holiday spirit. That adorable little reindeer or Christmas tree costume at the local pet store? Take a few photos of your dog wearing that and leave it out alongside the milk and cookies on Christmas Eve, so Santa can get a smile out of how cute your pup looks.
  • Puppy-proof your house for the holidays so the various temptations are out of the way. Make sure food and treats are kept up high, away from even the most eager puppy paw or snuffling nose. Try to get a Christmas tree that’s tall enough the ornaments can be hung out of reach, and maybe consider keeping presents stashed away until Christmas morning, so there’s less opportunity for the dog to dig in!

Do you have any ideas on how to help your puppy be on his or her best behavior during the holidays? Share your secrets with us!


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