How to make Thanksgiving a treat for your dogs!

Ahhh, Thanksgiving. How can you not love a holiday that revolves around spending time with friends, family, and tons of amazing food? You know who else loves good food?

Your dogs, of course!

Is it really fair to your furry family members that they have to watch on the sidelines as everyone else digs in on delicious delights? Of course not! However, before you go slipping them a tasty sliver or turkey meat or slopping some mashed potatoes into their bowl, consider a few safety tips that will keep them healthy throughout the whole holiday season.

  • Keep the treats in moderation. There’s a lot of greasy, fatty food served during Thanksgiving meals. Too much of this can upset a dog’s sensitive stomach and cause messy trouble later!
  • No raw food! Make sure any turkey slivers, bread, or other nibbles are thoroughly cooked before you let your pup gnosh on them.
  • Ditch the turkey bones! Yes, dogs love a good bone to gnaw on, but turkey bones are sharp and can easily snap, putting your pup in danger were they to wolf them down. Keep the carved carcass well out of reach and in sight at all times if your pup’s on the prowl.
  • Get them exercised. All the activity surrounding the holidays can get a pup hyper and anxious. Take your dog(s) for a long walk earlier on Thanksgiving Day, and they won’t be as rambunctious once the festivities begin.

Want to make Thanksgiving a special occasion for your pup? Then grab the Cape Cod Picnic Mixables packet! It has turkey cuts, candied yams, green beans, and a special gravy blend your dog will love, just as if they were sitting at the table with you, passing the cranberry sauce.

Also, to celebrate the Thanksgiving season, Variety Pet Foods is also holding a Friends and Family photo contest. You could win some free Mixables if you enter! Check out details on our Facebook page (and be sure to Like us there and Follow us on Twitter!).

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