How to Photograph Your Pet!

As the weather warms and people start enjoying more outdoors activities, perhaps you’ve seen your pup romping through a field of wildflowers and have been inspired to take a few photographs for safekeeping the joyful memories. Who doesn’t love fun photos of dogs or cats simply out enjoying life? So how do you go about taking really great pet photos while ensuring you capture your pup’s unique personality and boundless energy? Here are a few pet photography tips!



To start, think about your pup’s most natural environment. Where do they really come alive and display the character you’ve come to love? If you’re in a familiar and comfortable place, your pup is far more likely to “be himself” versus feeling disoriented or getting distracted in a brand new spot.

Once you know when and where you’ll be taking photos, don’t forget to get in close! Since dogs and cats are smaller than humans (at least, adults), they can easily get lost in the background of photographs that people would show up just fine in. So don’t be afraid to play around with distance and perspective to ensure you know how big your pup will look compared to the rest of the scene.¬†Another big detail to consider is the lighting. For instance, a dog with black fur might blend too much into a shadowy scene, while a dog with white fur might be hard to focus on in bright sunlight. Experiment with different contrasts, indoors and outdoors, different weather, to see what lighting your pup shows up best under.

Lastly, decide whether you want a posed picture or an action scene. If the former, find a quiet spot for the photos so your pet isn’t distracted by other dogs, people, or simply their natural curiosity. If the latter, find a space where they can roam and run and just start snapping away. The more photos you take, the better you’ll get at it and the likelier it is that you’ll find that “perfect” frame.

Do you have any favorite photos of your pups? We always love when people share!

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