Ice cream and your dog

We all love giving our furry family members treats off some sort or another, whether it’s a bit of dinner slipped under the table or a real dog biscuit used as a reward for good behavior. However, there are some treats that should be kept well away from your dog’s snoz, no matter the situation. For instance, today is National Ice Cream Day. It might be tempting to eat most of your ice cream cone and then toss your dog a bit of the soggy waffle scraps. Or if someone drops ice cream, why not let your dog handle the mess and lick it up?

The reality is, your dog should likely forego the sugary sweet treat. While ice cream may not be deadly to a dog, it can still pose many health hazards that are best avoided. For starters, many dogs are lactose intolerant, and if a dog eats too much ice cream, they could suffer a variety of symptoms, including:

  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Gas

Again, these may seem simply uncomfortable things, rather than anything to truly worry about, but do you really want to cause your pup physical pain just so they a few minutes of pleasure?

Ice cream also contains high levels of sugar (yes, even the supposedly “healthy” brands), and both dogs and cats should not ingest sugar in large doses. Not only are you potentially going to rise their blood sugar to dangerously high levels, but you’re also threatening their oral hygiene as all that sugar is going to be horrible for their teeth. Ice cream can also contain chocolate and other ingredients that are potentially toxic to your pet. Why take the risk?

There are some safe alternatives to ice cream, including certain brands of pet-safe ice cream made specifically for your pup. A bit of frozen fruit might be a better option, as well, and natural frozen yogurt isn’t going to pose nearly the same health hazard. And, of course, you could go for our Natural Baked Biscuits. We might suggest these are so delicious and enjoyed by your pup that they won’t even miss the chance to slobber up some melting ice cream.

Do you give your dog ice cream as a treat? Have they ever suffered unfortunate side effects from it? Or what is your preferred treat option?

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