Is your dog vaccinated for Lyme Disease?

As Spring comes into fuller bloom, one of the issues pet owners (especially dogs) have to worry about is Lyme Disease. As the weather gets warmer, ticks hatch and become more active throughout the fields and open areas dog owners often take their pups for hikes and strolls. While common in mountain areas as well, ticks can be found in city parks and other more casually accessible spots.

If your dog is bitten by a tick, there’s a chance it could contract Lyme Disease, a nasty illness that ranges from mild symptoms such as inflamed joints and depression all the way to kidney disease and heart failure. It’s not often fatal, but can cause permanent joint damage.


Fortunately, a yearly vaccination exists, and it’s well worth a trip to the vet to ensure your dog isn’t vulnerable to this disease. Check with your vet to see if it’s time to renew yours! Of course, no vaccination is 100% effective, but at least you’re giving your pup more than a fighting chance to avoid future illness and discomfort.

Other methods of tick and Lyme Disease prevention include topical medications, tick collars,  and even chewable medicine that boosts their immune system.

Note that Lyme Disease can infect humans as well. If your dog has been romping outdoors for a while or you’re coming back home from a hike, it’s a wise idea to spend a few minutes checking them for ticks so none are brought into the house. Ticks tend to be found around the thicker fur of the neck, ears, or joints, depending on how recently they’ve hopped on to your dog’s body.

Have you taken your pup to get a Lyme Disease vaccination this year? Why or why not?

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