Is Your Pet Properly Tagged?

We’ve talked a few times about the importance of getting your dog or cat “chipped,” where a microchip is embedded under the fur, allowing them to be ID’ed and returned to you if they ever get lost. While that is always true, it’s equally important to keep your pets properly tagged as well. It may seem redundant, but there are important reasons to have both a chip and tag in place to protect your pet.

First off, if they do get lost or run away, a tag and collar on a pet will let anyone who finds them know this is a domesticated animal–rather than a stray (though we certainly care about the wellbeing of strays, too!). This will make it easier for people who encounter your lost pet to know it may be safer for the dog or cat to be approached and rescued, and that there is likely a family or owner out there looking for their beloved animal!

Second, having a pet tagged is a legal requirement in practically ever city or county, and dogs and cats must be registered, licensed, and have current rabies info (plus owner contact info) on their tags. If your lost pet is picked up by city officials or animal control, having a proper tag can not only hasten their return, but ensure you don’t face fines for improper pet registration.

Oh, and even if you have a pet that primarily stays indoors, that doesn’t make them exempt from the need for tag. Many lost pets are ones who slip out a door accidentally left open.

Also, if your pet winds up a shelter, it may unfortunately not have the funds to have a chip scanner on hand. Shelter volunteers might be able to access a scanner in the days after securing a lost dog or cat, but don’t you want them home all the faster?

Lastly, if you are moving, you can have your tag and chip updated with a number for someone who knows how to contact you while in transition. Hopefully your pet will make the move with you just fine, but do you really want to take the chance? Remember, only 15% of dogs and 2% of cats who are lost and don’t have tags or chips ever return to their home.

Show your pet you care! Tag them today!

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